What are the various committees at JK Business School

Co-curricular activities are as important for the growth of a student as is education. It helps in shaping the overall personality of a student. Thus, the top MBA College in Gurugram not only provides the best of education for students but also gives them a chance to participate in various activities to help them to develop talent and explore new passion for them. These activities improve the capability to work as a team and raising their level of self-confidence in interacting with fellow students and peers.

JK Business SchoolThere are various students’ club and committee activities which are established for the benefits of students. They are in fact graded on the basis of extra curriculum activities and marked under PDE. The students can participate in different activities and Convocations, Seminars, EDPs/MDPs, PGP Committee activities, sports activities organized by mentors of committee. These activities help students to explore their hidden talent and teach them how to work on common goal.

Cultural Committee-
Cultural events such as celebration of Inaugural day, foundation day, teachers day, and freshers day etc are a part of every college. But the difference lies in the way of conducting it. We at JKBS have a separate cultural committee of students that manages and conducts the entire event themselves.

Academic and Literacy committee-
This committee arranges variety of debates, seminars and colloquium for the students to develop their overall personality and educational knowledge under the guidance of experts.

Sports Committee-
They coordinate various sports events for the physical and mental welfare of students. Matches for chess, badminton, basketball, football and table-tennis are conducted at the college on a regular basis by the committee.

Library committee-
This committee mentors have various responsibility related to library and its issues. They suggest different ways to improve the conditions and technology in the library for the benefits of students as well as for faculty.

News letter committee-
This committee deals with the letters that are circulated among different corporate houses and business schools. They are also in charge of quarterly newsletters.

6 Factual Points of Why to Choose Top MBA College in Gurugram

Deciding on the best evolved and well equipped Business and Management College is often down to research and understanding of their reputation in the academic hierarchy. And when it comes to the best MBA College in Gurugram there is no need for much introduction as the results and academic performances year on year speak eloquently entirely. This is why best business school in Gurugram is worth taking into consideration to enable potential student aspirants make informed and better choices in business and management education.

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Special Academic and Professional Features at Top MBA Colleges in Gurugram

Experienced IIT / IIM Educated Faculty; where all the majority of academic staff possess the experience and qualifications from India’s premier institutions it speaks volumes on the level of educational standards imparted to students.   

Practical Industry Interface; what matters to most students, is having practical exposure to the best industry training that leaves them feeling empowered and fully trained to tackle life’s challenges.  

Strategic Location; with Gurugram fast emerging as an education and business hub it is not that difficult to see the prominent takeaways and benefits of establishing and having an education that is rich on experience and deep on practical curriculum.  

Educational and Residential Infrastructure; there is no limit to raving and admiring on the depth well set academic infrastructure that highlights the level of professional focus but also welfare of students in residence.

Comprehensive Learning Systems and Researched Curriculum; at top B schools in Gurugram there’s progressive reassessment of relevance and practicality of curriculum to suit present economic dictates and situations. This means progressive research culture into appropriate teaching methodologies.   

Computer Labs to Enhance Research and WIFI Connectivity; when there’re modern instruments delivering top end performance as well as full time WIFI connectivity it pushes research and knowledge based learning further.

Choose the right path of better equipped and more evolved professional and academic top B schools in Gurugram to ensure great future business and management career prospects through JK Business School.