PGDM Course Curriculum at JK Business School

The two-year Post Graduation Diploma Course (PGDM) at JK Business School is divided into 6 trimesters of 3 terms each year. The course at Top B Schools in Gurugram is designed in such a way that it covers up all the necessary subjects required for the growth of a student’s knowledge in the relevant stream as well as beyond. It also includes various optional/ non-credit subjects involved particularly to enhance the overall personality of a student. First Trimester includes six main subjects with two non-credit subjects of- IT for Managers (Lab sessions) and the other one being Personality Development-I. In the first trimester, the students are given a basic understanding about Management perspective, Business Communication, Organizational Behavior, Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics etc.

The Second Trimester has seven main with additional subject on end term project and one more on personality development-II which is a non-credit subject. The second year starts shaping the understanding related to Quantitative Techniques, Economic Policies, Business Research Methods, Marketing and Financial Management etc.

The Third Trimester offers 6 subjects with three additional subjects- one dedicated to end term project, one on Personality Development (non-credit) and lastly Presentation and Evaluation of Summer Training Project Report. In this, Legal Aspects of Business, International Business, Cost & Management Accounting and Management Information System are taught.

For Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Trimester, the students have to select from the given choices of electives such as Finance, HR, IB, Logistics & SCM, Marketing etc apart from the compulsory and non-credit subjects. These elective subjects helps the students to streamline their area of interest and grow in the same department to avail the best opportunities in future.

Apart from these main subjects, the students at Top B Schools in Gurugram are made to select two optional workshop courses from the given choices of International Marketing, Logistics and Supply Management, New Venture Planning, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, International Economics and Business Environment.

Exposure for students in the Best B School of Gurugram

Education plays a key role in shaping a person’s intellectual, personal as well as professional aspects. The basis of education is not solely dependent upon the kind of books they read but the factors are also determined by the exposure they get and technological advancements they get acquainted with so that they can build a league of their own with the perspective they gain through learning and improvising.

Besides educational facilities, listed below are the additional opportunities available for our students at JK Business School

Foreign Collaboration- Such opportunities allow students to get worldwide exposure that builds their confidence and expands their area of expertise. These features allow students to show up their talents on international level as well.IMG_8564
Programmes such as the Banyan Tree- This programme inculcates and nurtures the students in a lot of ways. Wilderness experience, stand up and talk, group discussions and mock interview are some of the activities associated with it.

Beyond Academics- Industry Academia Meet, the JKBS cultural fest, the Alumni Meet, Fresher’s meet, National Business Games, Industrial Tour, Social Services and so much more gives the students an opportunity to actively participate and groom themselves.

Mentor Programme- Student-faculty interaction outside the classroom is an essential recreational activity to build understanding and connection between mentor and disciple. It serves the academic, emotional and career needs for students who sometimes find it difficult to manage otherwise. Such activities are indispensable and work as a guiding pillar in the lives of students.

What Points Mark Out Excellence at Best MBA College Gurugram?

This question may be asked again and again and many times over. What is the best MBA College Gurgram and why? There are always ready answers that show the pinnacle of academic excellence not only in the country but also in Asia firmly rooted in the top MBA College in Gurgaon. There are many reasons that make this revered institution gain an even brighter halloo of respect and admiration from among the top business and management educational institutes in the country.

These are some of the additional efforts done and undertaken at the Best MBA College Gurgaon that add extra praise and glory to it’s already praiseworthy status in excellence of business ad n management education.


Strong Faculty Base Comprising both Core & Visiting; with reputed names and experts on the critical subject matter in business and management raining from leading global business schools it makes mark of success an inevitable and welcome achievement.  Faculty comprises names from the top IIMs and IIT institutes of the country to global names in business and management education.

 Industry-Institute-Interface Important Ingredient in the Training Process; when future business and management leaders are fully equipped and capable of responding to challenges in the emerging markets there is no doubt that they are on top of situations as they emerge. This widens their skill sets and makes a step ahead of their peers.

Wealth of Expertise and Educational Facilities; when it comes to business and management education there are perhaps few pioneering institutes that render the ultimate training with a view to impact the future with visionary business and management leaders with competent skills for an enhanced transformation of the future i.e. new knowledge, skills, attitudes, mindsets and values.

Find the most highly rated and admired business school teaching experts and acquire a range of other vital skill sets at the best MBA College Gurgaon through JK Business School.

Things that Faculty and Students Delight in at Best MBA College in NCR

For the students and faculty joining the Best MBA College in NCR there has always been an air of pride, and privilege being in the most special of B schools not only on the country but also in Asia. Where students can access and enjoy in the best learning and growth environment that equips and moulds while pursuing their goals and academic interests. And faculty is actually inspired to teach to their fullest potential and gain valuable knowledge in the process. Perhaps the reasons aren’t that hard to imagine or surmise given the titanic reputation and name that the top MBA College in Delhi garners whenever mentioned with regard to professional and academic business and management leadership training.   1

Library and Information Center; at the top MBA College in Delhi, the knowledge resource center is a amazing place fully equipped for all the research needs of the students as well for faculty to check out the veracity of research. It supports wide ranging research and reference in electronic and print collections.

Computer Center; for the MBA College in Delhi being at the forefront of path breaking IT technologies helps students access information seamlessly with wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi. It makes learning an ever interesting experience.


Lecture Halls; in most B schools lectures halls have their own unique identity and special place. That is why at Best B School in Delhi lecture halls have significant and unique modern facilities like audio video systems. They are especially designed to hold several academic activities like interactive sessions, workshops, seminars, leadership exercises, management games, mock interviews, meetings and role-plays among others.

There are several other facilities that add great feel for students like the auditoriums, cafeteria, hostels (separate for boys and girls), sports and medical facilities.

Enjoy the best facilities as you discover and access high grade business and management education at the best MBA College in Delhi through JK Business School.

3 Reasons to Build Best Career at Top MBA College in Gurugram

It is always mentioned that the career and the nature of pursuit for it in terms of best training and education go a long way in making him / her successful in life and profession. That means it all starts with identifying the right college and course to help you realize this dream or make this dream come. At the Top B Schools in Gurugram, excellence and passion to excel are like second nature in the pursuit of academics and underline the goal of the best Business School in Gurugram i.e. academic and professional excellence at the highest level.

Credible Things that Mark Out Students Opting for Best MBA College in Gurugram

There are always unique inspirations and drives that mark out the top MBA College in Gurugram. These are some basic yet fundamental things that drive the hunger and passion for excellence.

Incredible Learning and Mentoring Environment; studies in most professional institutions revolve around study and lectures as opposed to the complete wholesome package of learning and mentoring that helps build unique and fully equipped future business and management leaders with a different sects of mind to know their territory or area of expertise well.
IIMs/IITs Faculty with Wide Industry Exposure; having well qualified faculty is one thing but having faculty with a grip on the pulse of industry is another and that what makes top MBA Colleges in Gurugram uniquely qualified and positioned to impact the next generation of important leaders groomed for excellence and for the pinnacle of distinct success at various national and international platforms.

Equip Future Managers Able to Respond to Challenges in Emerging Markets; at the top B Schools in Gurugram there is relentless training excellence for managers and business leaders prepared for any challenge / difficulty pertaining to new markets with inherent challenges.
Get to the peak of your dreams and beyond as you explore the possibilities of professional and career advances with the Best Business School in Gurugram through JK Business School.

6 Factual Points of Why to Choose Top MBA College in Gurugram

Deciding on the best evolved and well equipped Business and Management College is often down to research and understanding of their reputation in the academic hierarchy. And when it comes to the best MBA College in Gurugram there is no need for much introduction as the results and academic performances year on year speak eloquently entirely. This is why best business school in Gurugram is worth taking into consideration to enable potential student aspirants make informed and better choices in business and management education.

Top MBA College in Delhi

Special Academic and Professional Features at Top MBA Colleges in Gurugram

Experienced IIT / IIM Educated Faculty; where all the majority of academic staff possess the experience and qualifications from India’s premier institutions it speaks volumes on the level of educational standards imparted to students.   

Practical Industry Interface; what matters to most students, is having practical exposure to the best industry training that leaves them feeling empowered and fully trained to tackle life’s challenges.  

Strategic Location; with Gurugram fast emerging as an education and business hub it is not that difficult to see the prominent takeaways and benefits of establishing and having an education that is rich on experience and deep on practical curriculum.  

Educational and Residential Infrastructure; there is no limit to raving and admiring on the depth well set academic infrastructure that highlights the level of professional focus but also welfare of students in residence.

Comprehensive Learning Systems and Researched Curriculum; at top B schools in Gurugram there’s progressive reassessment of relevance and practicality of curriculum to suit present economic dictates and situations. This means progressive research culture into appropriate teaching methodologies.   

Computer Labs to Enhance Research and WIFI Connectivity; when there’re modern instruments delivering top end performance as well as full time WIFI connectivity it pushes research and knowledge based learning further.

Choose the right path of better equipped and more evolved professional and academic top B schools in Gurugram to ensure great future business and management career prospects through JK Business School.

What Does it Really Take to Secure Admissions to the Best B Schools in Delhi?

The academic admissions session for 2016-2017 at the best B school in India is already on. And for so many youngsters across the country desiring to pursue careers in business leadership and management yearn for such opportunity that takes them closer to higher echelons of knowledge and accomplished training. However, as the saying goes ‘preparation is the best strategy,’ and knowing what it takes and how to get there puts you in the driving seat to acquire access and admission to some of the nation’s premier B schools and centers of business leadership and management training.

JK Business School

And with that course of thought in mind, there are so many activities and processes that precede any attempt at trying to secure or even getting consideration from the top MBA College in Delhi.

Personal Programs and Activities for Admission to the Best B Schools India

For admission to MBA, PGDM, BBA, (Hons) or B.A. Economics (Hons) programs some academic scrutiny and evaluation is necessary. Besides the standard eligibility criterion academically there are other admission activities that highlight competence and academic soundness for admission.

Group Discussion; is a fully integrated activity to ascertain some common and basic skills including communication, interpersonal, leadership, motivating, team building, analysis or logic, rationality, unique thought, initiative, assertiveness, flexibility or creativity among others.

Personal Interview; like the preceding admissions activity, Personal Interviews help bring forth lots of personal information about the applicants that are pertinent to learning and include personality traits and personalized search for the inner virtues, principles or convictions.

Procedures and Channels to access academic admission forms include; online downloads,

Reap the fruits of polished, perfected and practical content business leadership and management training at the best business school in Gurugram with admission to JKBS.

How Beautiful Academic Nostalgia Creates Fond Memories at the Top MBA College in Delhi

As the year 2016 comes to an end, like all well equally illustrious years gone by at best business school India there will be moments that are recalled for the way they most impacted the best B school in India on several fronts be it academically, progressively, professionally and in any other aspect we may choose to revisit. However, as the saying goes ‘nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.” Nostalgia and looking back create some fond memories especially when at the point of intersection / crossroads into a new dawn and sunset.img_6556

Going through this event filled year these impressive academic moments bring tremendous satisfaction in JKBS year of fulfillment at best business school in Gurugram;

Exposure of JKBS Students at International Level in Experience Trip to Singapore from 24th and 26th of January; global business leadership means meeting and experiencing the challenges what it entails to be entrusted such responsibility on a global platform. It paid dividends and rich rewards for the participating students on global forum at Singapore this year.
JKBS director Receiving Academic Leader of the Year 2016; the recognition among other higher institutions of learning for proven excellent education leadership was a watershed moment for JKBS and the B school academic fraternity in the country.

Inauguration of the Higher Education Leadership and Management Book; business education at the best business school India now has a resonant and long term effect as this higher education book launch is the partly the beautiful hard work of the JKBS director.

As another saying goes, ‘experience is the best teacher’ at the top B schools in Gurugram excellent evolution with the times has proven a source of courage to transform young minds to global business and management leaders at JKBS.

Are Educational Awards and Rankings Important for the Top MBA College in Delhi?

Awards and rankings are like motivational recognition that provokes awardees to strive even for greater heights in their chosen area of specialization. The recognition and appreciation stresses that beautiful results of hard work are still valid and not forgotten. In every endeavor, awards and rankings make or break the motivation and passion of hardworking staff. In this reign of thought it begs the question, how do premier top B schools in Gurugram stack up on this front.

These are some of the most prominent awards and rankings that resonate highly at the top MBA College in Delhi especially in 2016.
Best B –School in Placement (March 2016) by CEGR – Placement records are vital when students decide on professional institutions that provide them ample opportunities for good career placements. It also instills faith and belief on the part of potential employers the credibility of such institutions to deliver quality skilled manpower.

Best Management College for Infrastructure -2015 by CEGR – All B schools and institutions to inspire the next generation in business leadership and management must advertise and showcase the level and standards of academic and other infrastructure pertinent to learning, growth and evolution of skilled manpower.  That is where the appeal and attention to all important facets of academic infrastructure is of vital and fundamental importance.

Excellence in Education Award 2016 by Competition Success Review – Most B schools in reputation and credibility desire top industry assessment by independent sources. These sources trace a line of strict parameters that compare and contrast several entries for the prestigious titles and accolades of recognition. Excellence is the pinnacle of perfection.

Leading Business School of the year at ASIA Education Leadership Summit 2016 – Transcending any continental limits to influence means a global presence and respect. That is the essence of being among the most respected and best institutions to pursue professional studies in several disciplines.

Although the awards are just a tip of the iceberg, they are important in helping students, parents and placement partners make the right choices.

The Practical Importance of Campus Placements in Empowering Graduates at JKBS

Campus placements at the best B school in India and in the life of any student / graduate are very defining moments that students look up to and prepare themselves thoroughly to score high and well but as well as to impress their potential future employers. It is the one time that students get a precise chance to make that practical application of their technical and employable soundness to the representatives of the corporate management of the particular industry they opted for or chose in the first place.
Gauging from past successful campus placements at JKBS, the practical importance of this vital exercise in all management streams like finance, marketing or general management can be seen and appreciated from the fruits it has garnered for the past students (alumni) and the fundamental excitement it whips up every year for the graduating classes. These are some of the high profile practicalities that define this important milestone in the best B school in India.

Each year when campus placement time comes around, all graduating students are well prepared and geared for the challenge that is before them. They are keen to illustrate the skills acquired both in the lectures halls and other interpersonal skills perfected along the way from curriculum to rise up and be counted among the worthy, brilliant employable graduates.
They are the most appropriate indicator and measure of excellence in business teaching for the best B school in India as students and lecturers feel rewarded, vindicated and students empowered to pursue their career / professional goals and aspirations at the highest levels. Campus placements open up a whole world of opportunities to showcase skills and capabilities of the passing graduates as well as reaffirm industry trust in the brand of best B school in India.

There are more reasons for practical importance of campus placements that inspire both students and professors to aim for the highest standards of excellence in molding skilled leaders, entrepreneurs and managers at JKBS.