Why “Dance at Work” is an important aspect of any work culture?

Monotonous days, piles of dossiers forming a palace of their own, sleep-driven schedule, and absolutely nothing to break this tedious routine- How do you expect a company’s productivity to rise with employees in mood like this?
Yes, this is the time to break this mind-numbing routine- It is the time when the company or in fact institutes provide such an interesting mode of working which brighten up the days for these professionals. With activities like Dance at Work, one can easily move past the conventional technique of working and indirectly enhance the productivity in the company.

It is not just the responsibility of the employees to perform up to the expectations of the Company; this is a reciprocal process. For any Company to make his employees work efficiently, it is necessary for them to provide a suitable environment.

As it is said,
“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!”
They can definitely bring dancing as a working practice of their routine to make “Jack” interesting. The benefits that accompany with Dance at Work are-

Improves efficiency of the employees- Dancing energizes you to the core. It improves health, balances mental stability and increases intelligence- obviously boosting the efficiency in employees’ working.

Motivates friendly working environment- Dance, why not? When everyone grooves to the same rhythm, it is bound to set connections. All you need to do for your employees is give them the breathing space and see what magnificent results they bring for you in return!

Establishes positive vibes- Helping you in restoring all the energy and minimizing the stress level, it is bound to exhume positive vibes all around you. What you transmit is received by others, thus, not just creating a positive mood for your inner-self but it also builds highly motivating and cheerful milieu around.

Break-free from routine- A 5-minutes, good musical and groovy break can be really powerful! Breaking the stereotypical ways of working and exercising innovative ideas for a better working scenario is, in fact, the need of the hour.

Isn’t this an innovative and motivating way of working?

Not just the Companies, Best Business School in Gurugram– JK Business School employ the same in their educational routine to enhance the participation and maximize the results from our students’ end.

Sayonara PGDM 2015-17 at JK Business School

As the happiness sprouts with new batches coming up, there is a sense of nostalgia hitting us at the same time as we have to bid our goodbyes to the preceding PGDM batch of 2015-17. With the time coming near, there is a longing to stop them but then these little birds need to be set free so that they can explore the skies of vast opportunities.

Every batch forms a special bond with their teachers and college and all of become a family with each member having their own role to play. We all seek knowledge from each other to become better with each passing day. It has been such a pleasure to see these little flocks growing into independent personalities with the help of their faculty members. These two years have been tremendous with such seeking students.
PGDM batch of 2015-17
Thus, to celebrate their success of passing the college with flying colors and to wish them the best for the future to come, JK Business School is conducting a farewell party “Sayonara” on July 29th, 2017. For the occasion, the preparations have been going on by students at high pace with full vigor and enthusiasm. Various efforts are being put up to make this day a memorable one for all the students.

It gives us so much pleasure to see that our students are placed in MNC’s to start a new chapter of their lives and now, although it is time for them to get separated with us, but it is their success in respective careers and well bring is all we look forward to.

Beyond all this, it is no surprise to say that the reminiscence of the past with these gems have been inked in the lives and hearts of both the teachers and the college which will definitely be cherished forever!
Kudos PGDM batch 2015-17!


First thing first, PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management and MBA for Management in Business Administration. People often get confused between the relevance of PGDM and MBA. As we know that PGDM is Diploma in Management therefore, the students get a Diploma Degree after the completion of their course. However, this course holds equal importance as MBA. The studies and placement report of the top college in Gurugram stands as a witness for the same.









Come! Let’s have a look at some more benefits of PGDM over MBA-

PGDM course offered by JKBS-
PGDM course is a highly flexible and developmental course which focuses on building the student’s knowledge in diverse sectors. Keeping this aside, MBA course is offered by selective institutes only which bind the student to choose their rightful path. PGDM course encourages equal participation from all students giving them equal opportunity at all levels.

Curriculum of PGDM is flexible-
Syllabus of PGDM is very flexible and beneficial for the students. As JKBS is an Autonomous Institute, it is very easy for them to change the syllabus of PGDM according to the business environment and market trend. Whereas MBA course is always same as before and sometimes change but in a sluggish fashion.

PGDM course focuses on practical aspect-
MBA courses are basically focused on theoretical aspect and subject. They pay more attention to theory than practical. Whereas at JKBS in PGDM courses, we give attention to practical training and subjects that are beneficial for our students. We motivate innovative activities to help students create and initiate different ideas that can help them in their career growth.

PGDM gives high level posts-
An MBA programme helps students in developing their technical skill and also helps them to understand and get knowledge of business whereas PGDM courses help students to get high level posts in MNCs. The graduates from JKBS of PGDM course are selected by many reputed companies for senior level posts and undoubtedly prove favorable for their career.

Hence, if you are looking PGDM course in Top Business School of Gurugram, opt for JK Business School and get ready for the most successful career journey.

Placement Report of JK Business School of 3 batches

JK Business School has really maintained its position of being favorite of recruitment companies in all these successive batches. The placement reports of the three batches showcase immense talent that they are able to fetch from the organizations. Different MNC’s have been able to dig out the best and dedicated personnel required for their work from this esteemed institution.

With the world- class education system and International platform provided to various students, the recruitment companies are always sure that our students are intelligent, sharp and possess capabilities to become future leaders of many International companies.

It is not us but our proven results that do the talking for us. So, have a look here to know the placement selection of students from different fields in the past years-

PGDM Batch 2015-17
In this session’s report of JKBS, there were 34% placements in Marketing department followed by CRM at 24%, Sales at 18%, and Finance at 11%, and Logistic at 9% and HR at 3% which shows the versatility of profiles that companies have been looking for. Our talented students made it to the top MNC’s with incredible packages and wonderful profiles. What’s worth noting here is that there has been a massive rise in the placements in various departments stating the improvement in opportunities as well as growth of the Institution!

PGDM Batch 2015-17 Placement ReportPGDM Batch 2014-16
In the 2014-2016 batches at JKBS, placement trends showed an inclination towards Human Resource (22%) and Marketing Department (29%) as the main domain for the recruitment companies. While operations department (12%) also gained good number of placements, other departments like Logistic, IT, CRM and Sales stood at 11% and the remaining three at 5% respectively which were higher as compared to the previous years.

PGDM Batch 2014-16 Placement ReportPGDM Batch 2013-2015
In the batch of 2013-2015, Logistics departments had tremendous results at 43% of the total percentage. Finance department stood at 29% whereas HR and Marketing departments captured 14% of the total placements. As it is clear with the results of the following batches, the knowledge and capabilities of the students fascinated the recruiters to such a level that it led to the rise in job opportunities in the subsequent years!

PGDM Batch 2013-15 Placement ReportTherefore, with the actual placements reports of the best business school in Gurugram, you can evaluate the incredible talent and opportunities that lies in the baggage of JKBS.

Happening event conducted at JK Business School- JKBrations’17

JK Business School conducted its yet another vibrant, lively, colorful and cheerful extravaganza JKBrations’17 on 8th April which showed lots of enthusiasm from both teachers and students. It had variety of events including sports, debates, quizzes, arts, dance, games etc. Throughout the day the events kept rolling and the participation kept pitching in.Cheerful faces, gleaming eyes, competition’s spark, giggling circles, enthusiastic students, brimming creativity, fun-filled days, incredible performances accompanied together all day long that encouraged more and more involvement from all sides. Their hard work and dedication made the event a grand success.


The entire event was left upon students to manage, conduct, organize, plan, and integrate so that they understand how an event is handled. This year’s JKBrations’17 was a grand success. We could notice new faces coming to showcase their talents. The dedication showed by our students was really heart-warming.

Zumba, cross-country, badminton, graffiti, rangoli, photography, business quiz, table tennis, Nukkad Natak, counter strike, best out of waste, knowledge of words, face painting, debate, chess, solo singing, carom, ad mad show, arm wrestling, business plan, solo dance, group dance, fashion show etc were a few of the events that took place through the day on 8th April.

To add to it, it wasn’t just the participants and organizers who whole heatedly imbued themselves in the event but the spectators also indulged enthusiastically to seek, learn, inspire and prosper for future endeavors. Therefore, we consider it necessary to conduct activities like these because they enhance the area of learning for students and provide them exposure for the same!

5 Reasons Top MBA College in Gurugram Excels in Business Education

To get admissions in a great college takes passion and excellence in studies by getting the basic or minimum required grades and standards at the prestigious institutions. However, what if it begs the same question of how the prestigious institutions sustain the high levels and standards of excellence especially in teaching business and management.  IMG_0231
Infrastructure Quality: For students looking for a top end access to the best business and management education there is something unique and special at top MBA Colleges in Gurugram with sufficiency of relevant educational supporting infrastructure in all relevant domains and disciplines.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Academic Faculty: Perhaps what drives this point further home is having a large pool of academicians passionate about their craft of teaching but also having long years of experience in grooming and inspiring the right morals and values in future business and management leaders.

Strategic Location: The importance of being in an emerging business nerve center as well as proximity to the national capital makes best MBA College in Gurugram an impressive options to impart right values and industry experience right at the doorstep of the policy formulating organs and bodies in the country.

Intriguingly Crafted Knowledge Programs: When you have the very best of the industry figures calling on you for relevant skills that means there is something positive and significant. And these programs enhance the intellectual fortitude and clarity of reasoning and thoughts in critical situations of decision making. Besides also they attract curiosity from industry for partnership.

Expert Foreign Collaborations: What perhaps brings more weight is the chance students stand in getting much needed foreign exposure and learning from other economies the process and ways of conducting global businesses and management while faced with challenging situations.

Get cutting edge grooming and polished business and management education from the best business school in Gurugram empowered to face all challenges confronting future business leaders and managers through JK Business School.

Academic Inputs Shaping Better Success at Best B School in India

It is already a known fact that great curriculum’s are true foundations to a lasting academic success. However, curriculum’s by themselves may just yield as much yet when unique efforts are geared towards achieving strong academic fundamentals there are instant results in the way students respond with better performances and overall results. This is a driving belief in the overall student performances at the best B school in Gurugram seen in better inputs and results.
JKB Cover
For students enrolled at top MBA College in Delhi there are multiplier chances of achieving substantially in life and professionally. This is clearly, because academic programs go right beyond merely creating degree holders seeking employment to making professionals with independent creative thinking and impactful skills in various ways. This is why and how;

Curriculum designed by experts and professionals from industry: Make the most of the best evolved and created industry specific curriculum that answers all industry challenges and skill needs and expectations

Student-Centered- Pedagogy: There is a fulfilling student life that makes students feel at home and in the best experienced hands.

Value Added Courses (Industry focused & job oriented): Acquire sharp skills that add values to future outlook.

Industry Mentors & holistic student development: There’s wholesome approach to nurturing future business and management leaders.

Tie up with CII for strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project: Having a polished approach to making industry ethical and relevant.

Foreign University Tie ups (paid student exchange Programmes: Experiences gained abroad are invaluable in professional life

Additional Certificate Courses: There are more skills options and opportunities

Tie up with major Banks for Educational Loan: Find easy means of access to loans for educational purposes and solutions.

AC Campus and separate AC residential facilities for boys and girls: There’s welcome, comfortable and heartwarming feel for all students.

Whatever the program of choice, let the conducive and well-equipped academic environment at best MBA College in Gurugram inspire your future to heights of success with great inputs at JK Business School.

Why it’s Crucial to Pick Best B School in India for Better Learning & Future?

With the successful release and declaration of the latest results of CAT 2016 results, students aspiring to join the best business school in India are busy looking at the potential options and choices before them in different areas of academic and professional pursuit. This can pose both challenges and opportunity moments for some students and for others there may be disappointment.

But, how do you harness this moment to build an exceptional future based on sound educational guidance and world class academic infrastructure to mould and shape tomorrow’s outcomes. This is why the best business school in Gurugram is better.
Research Based Curriculum and Evolving Training: All training modules in curriculum encourage healthy perspective to original development of ideas which inspires future business leaders and managers to be sure and secure in their decision making.

Awarded Top MBA College: It provides advanced impetus for MBA students to pursue courses with the best in the field of business and management. Besides being ranked among top B schools in India, excellence in business education is the highest recognition that sums up an illustrious institution and top notch academic faculty.

Excellent Infrastructure and Academic Faculty: Importantly, at the institution the level and quality of educational faculty and infrastructure is remarkable. As a renowned non-for-profit initiative of JK Group, there are impressive additions to the academic infrastructure at the best business school India.

Foreign Academic Collaboration: What adds weight and decisive ability in choice of best institutions n India is the level of foreign exposure of students while pursuing their courses. There’s no doubt top MBA College in Delhi opens a world of exploring the potential challenges that beset global economies, businesses and managers in the best settings.

Get best sound management and business education skills training from the best B school in Gurugram at JK Business School. Ensure your skills are practical and modern enough and surrounded and shaped in the latest business and management academic infrastructure at JK Business School.

Why Good Preparation and Studies at Best B School in Delhi Empower Your Future?

The perfect launch pad to a golden future filled with great prospects begins with good preparation, strategic studies and presentation of one’s academic accomplishments. At the best MBA College in Delhi studies, preparation and presentation have a resonant theme in that unless all students are fully well trained and equipped with academic skills and knowledge they cannot face perfectly the reality and challenges of the modern business environment and economy.

That is why, at the best B School in Delhi step by step moulding and shaping of the students pays great dividends in creating amazing skills for business and management leadership in the modern economy. Here is why and how.
Wholesome Learning Approach: With a comprehensive approach to critical subjects and topics that shape and influence the flow of knowledge from teaching pedagogy, industry projects, case studies and group projects among others there is complete turnaround of any students perspective and grasp of the business and managements as these ate hands on training projects to develop practical skills. For instance at the top MBA College in Delhi these can be broken down into some of these critical contributions;

Case Studies: At the best business School in Gurugram case studies allow development of problem solving, decision making and their practical application.

Industry Projects: For the MBA College in Delhi students these projects experience practical work environments and be able to adapt and apply their skills and talents acquired over the period of training.

Group Projects: Best MBA College in Delhi professionals are well able to refine and sharpen their skills in management concepts especially in a when put in groups of colleagues.

Invest in the assurance of the best business study environment at best B school in India and reap the rewards of great fulfilling future with best working environment at top companies and employers through JK Business School.

How to Give Your Future Bright Prospects with Top MBA College in Delhi

As the New Year starts there are ample opportunities for students and those aspiring to make it to the   best Business School in Gurugram. Having mentioned, promoted and illustrated the wide range of career prospects boosting programs and initiatives earlier on. However, with a vast range of choices or options at the institutes it’s always good to know your core competence and aspire to these goals with focus, passion and dedication. At the top B Schools in Gurugram there are ample academic, educational, curriculum and extracurricular strategies that help students develop sharp knowledge skills in their area of studies and chosen fields of specialization.
These are some attendant ways adopted and added by academic to churn out truly evolved and skilled professional’s ready to take on the world.

Strategic Plans at Best MBA College in Gurugram for Great Career Prospects

Mentor and Banyan Tree Programs:- It is very easy to get lost and consumed in the world of constant studies without interacting with your faculty as well as exploring the furthest extent of extent of each students personal skills. Mentor programs make students develop close relationships with their faculty and therefore enhance ease of communication, impart right influences in career choices, holistic development and many other positives. Banyan tree programs help student’s fine tune the best of work and life skills.

Foreign Collaboration:- Foreign collaborations are critical at the top MBA College in Gurugram as besides the typical subject and lesson lectures, interviews, projects, case studies, semester tests, industry visits and other ways to make students grasp their area of specialization, they have long term impact on exposure of students to global business and management challenges and realities across several economies.

Extra Curricular Activities:- At the best MBA College in Delhi are developed to have the right impact academically and professionally.

Endeavor to make the most sound academic decisions that focus on assuring better future and career prospects through the best MBA College in NCR at JK Business School.