Final chance to apply for 2017 PGDM | BBA | B.Com (Honors) Batch

The clock’s ticking for you to gain the last opportunity to join Asia’s Top Industry Anchored- JK Business School. The college offers its students the best amenities to study and seek guidance in their relevant course from the valued and erudite faculty members. With the best campus in Gurugram and facilities such as Library and Information Centre, Computer Centre, Lecture Halls, Auditorium, Cafeteria, Sports Facility, Medical Facility, Hostel Accommodation etc, it is a dream come true for every student.

Apart from the on-campus facilities and incredible placement options, this eminent College gives you the best Industry Interface to develop the spirit of Entrepreneurship in students. Its advantage of being backed by the JK Group and its chain of corporate linkages directly assists the students in developing relationship with top corporate houses. Moreover, there are numerous seminars, conferences, workshops, industrial visits and events conducted on regular basis to give students a practical base for learning, understanding and analyzing the market scenario.
There is so much more that lies with JK Business School.  It provides you an ocean of incredible prospects to learn and discover something new every day. It is the opportunity with which you can spread your wings to take a flight into the sky of numerous success stories.

So, apply for the 2017 batch and grab a seat for yourself. The details to get into the best college of Delhi are as below-
Courses offered- PGDM | BBA | B.Com (Honors)

Dates- GD/PI on 24th June 2017
Gurgaon: JKBS Campus
Jaipur: Hotel Holiday Inn
Patna: Hotel Samrat International
Lucknow: Hotel Royal Inn

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity. Hurry up and apply before the time flies away!

GST and its impact on Financial Services

GST, as we all know, is an indirect tax throughout India to replace taxes levied by the central and state governments. With GST becoming effective from July 1, it is imperative for all the Finance department students of PGDM course to know about the impact of GST on Financial Services of India. From July onward, tax on financial services transactions will rise from the current 15% to 18% as the goods and services tax.1

Mentioned below are the impacts that will be seen in financial services of India after GST is levied-

Impact on Mutual Funds– In case of mutual funds, the asset management companies (AMC) incur certain expenses to impact a scheme’s net asset worth (NAV) which in turn attract service taxes. In fact, many components of these service charges such as custodian fees, registrar and transfer agent fees and management fees attract service tax. Upon implementation of GST, the total expense ratio (TER) will obviously spike up given the rise from 15% to 18%. This increase is directly going to affect the investor.

Impact on Insurance Companies- Insurance premiums are set to go up with GST coming to play. Its immediate effect will have to be borne by the customers. However, the non-life companies will continue to get exemption from input tax credit.

Impact on Real Estate- It is often expected that due to the high value transaction involved in real estate, even slightest change in tax can hike up the overall cost. With GST, most of the construction material falls under 18% and 28% slabs but with the availability of input tax credit, the overall impact is expected to be neutralized.

Impact on Banking Services- Services that attract charges such as non-maintenance of minimum monthly average balance or ATM transaction (after the free transactions) will now be taxed at 18% instead of 15%.  However, even in this department, the effect is expected to soften a bit with input tax credit.


First thing first, PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management and MBA for Management in Business Administration. People often get confused between the relevance of PGDM and MBA. As we know that PGDM is Diploma in Management therefore, the students get a Diploma Degree after the completion of their course. However, this course holds equal importance as MBA. The studies and placement report of the top college in Gurugram stands as a witness for the same.









Come! Let’s have a look at some more benefits of PGDM over MBA-

PGDM course offered by JKBS-
PGDM course is a highly flexible and developmental course which focuses on building the student’s knowledge in diverse sectors. Keeping this aside, MBA course is offered by selective institutes only which bind the student to choose their rightful path. PGDM course encourages equal participation from all students giving them equal opportunity at all levels.

Curriculum of PGDM is flexible-
Syllabus of PGDM is very flexible and beneficial for the students. As JKBS is an Autonomous Institute, it is very easy for them to change the syllabus of PGDM according to the business environment and market trend. Whereas MBA course is always same as before and sometimes change but in a sluggish fashion.

PGDM course focuses on practical aspect-
MBA courses are basically focused on theoretical aspect and subject. They pay more attention to theory than practical. Whereas at JKBS in PGDM courses, we give attention to practical training and subjects that are beneficial for our students. We motivate innovative activities to help students create and initiate different ideas that can help them in their career growth.

PGDM gives high level posts-
An MBA programme helps students in developing their technical skill and also helps them to understand and get knowledge of business whereas PGDM courses help students to get high level posts in MNCs. The graduates from JKBS of PGDM course are selected by many reputed companies for senior level posts and undoubtedly prove favorable for their career.

Hence, if you are looking PGDM course in Top Business School of Gurugram, opt for JK Business School and get ready for the most successful career journey.

Placement Report of JK Business School of 3 batches

JK Business School has really maintained its position of being favorite of recruitment companies in all these successive batches. The placement reports of the three batches showcase immense talent that they are able to fetch from the organizations. Different MNC’s have been able to dig out the best and dedicated personnel required for their work from this esteemed institution.

With the world- class education system and International platform provided to various students, the recruitment companies are always sure that our students are intelligent, sharp and possess capabilities to become future leaders of many International companies.

It is not us but our proven results that do the talking for us. So, have a look here to know the placement selection of students from different fields in the past years-

PGDM Batch 2015-17
In this session’s report of JKBS, there were 34% placements in Marketing department followed by CRM at 24%, Sales at 18%, and Finance at 11%, and Logistic at 9% and HR at 3% which shows the versatility of profiles that companies have been looking for. Our talented students made it to the top MNC’s with incredible packages and wonderful profiles. What’s worth noting here is that there has been a massive rise in the placements in various departments stating the improvement in opportunities as well as growth of the Institution!

PGDM Batch 2015-17 Placement ReportPGDM Batch 2014-16
In the 2014-2016 batches at JKBS, placement trends showed an inclination towards Human Resource (22%) and Marketing Department (29%) as the main domain for the recruitment companies. While operations department (12%) also gained good number of placements, other departments like Logistic, IT, CRM and Sales stood at 11% and the remaining three at 5% respectively which were higher as compared to the previous years.

PGDM Batch 2014-16 Placement ReportPGDM Batch 2013-2015
In the batch of 2013-2015, Logistics departments had tremendous results at 43% of the total percentage. Finance department stood at 29% whereas HR and Marketing departments captured 14% of the total placements. As it is clear with the results of the following batches, the knowledge and capabilities of the students fascinated the recruiters to such a level that it led to the rise in job opportunities in the subsequent years!

PGDM Batch 2013-15 Placement ReportTherefore, with the actual placements reports of the best business school in Gurugram, you can evaluate the incredible talent and opportunities that lies in the baggage of JKBS.

Importance of Infrastructure- JK Business School

Infrastructure of college holds very much importance especially when it comes to providing various facilities to the students for education and health purposes. College is basically like a second home to the students, a place where they can identify themselves, shape their career and have the expert guidance to walk on the right path. JK Business School- the Top MBA College of Gurugram, have clearly understand the importance of infrastructure in the students and faculty life and have provided all sorts of facilities that will be beneficial in their career. There are some several amenities that are present by JKBS- center-
At JKBS, all computer system have SCSI head drive, workstation with Dual core processor, 24/7 network and they are supported by UPS system with the backup facility. JK Business School also provides laptop to each and every student.

Library and Information Center-
The library at JKBS is the heart of the college. They have provided various services like video viewing, newspaper clipping, etc. and apart from this, they have also provided electronic library that have all the information related to business world.

The auditorium at JKBS has the capacity to accommodate 500 people, filled with acoustic system and has centralized air conditioning system. The auditorium is designed in such a way that several national and international functions can be held here easily.

JKBS Hostel-
JKBS has both girls and boys hostel with ample of facilities like Wi-Fi and AC. They also conduct several games and recreational activities to encourage students and help them to have a healthy body. The hostel is surrounded by fresh air, greenery and open space.

Sports facility-
Games and sports are an important aspect for every human being and JKBS understands it very well. There are several sports facilities provided like football, basketball, cricket area, table tennis, chess equipment’s to motivate and develop sportsman spirit in students.

Medical facility-
First-aid facility is available at hostel and campus for minor injuries. And doctor visit is also scheduled on special days and on call. A van and driver is also provided for the students and faculty 24/7.

Cafeteria facility is also provided with mouth-watering and delicious refreshments for all the people. It is very artistically furnished and a hot-spot place of the students. So, opt for JKBS for MBA degree and have brilliant and successful career.

GD/PI Schedule for 2017 Admissions

It is that crucial time of the year when all the students rigrously start applying in the colleges for further studies. The Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds for JK Business School have already begun. Ranchi, Jaipur and Patna are through with the process whereas Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Kanpur and Lucknow are scheduled for the GD/PI round in the upcoming days.

Listed below is the schedule for the GD/PI sessions in different cities for JK Business School–

jkbs website blog image

And here is some guidance for cracking GD/PI to all the students-

Group Discussions

Students must diligently prepare themselves for these rounds. Confidence, knowledge and presence of mind are the key requirements of any GD/PI. GD or Group discussions are basically those wherein a group of students are given a topic to present their views on. The top debators of the group are given a green flag to move forth to the next round of PI or Personal Interview.

Personal Interviews

In Personal Interviews, the student is subjected to a panel of judges who ask questions based on which they select the student. Factors such as quick response, knowledge, body language, confidence, attitude, smart answers, fine educational background are a few of the things that are tested by them. A student must keep calm and be confident while facing any interview. The better he is able to maintain it, the better are the chances of clearing the interview. The process of preparation starts from long back. As the students even have to update their knowledge for both the GD and the PI as they might be asked to present their views on any of the topics given by the panel.

So, start preparing and appear for the GD/PI with confidence at the Best Business School Gurugram and we wish all the students very best for their rounds.

Faculty Development Programme held at JK Business School

Growth of an institution is best determined by the progress of its students and also teachers. Besides education, energetic partaking in co-curricular events brings out the real talent. Thus, conducting seminars, cultural and educational events are a routine of the top college of Gurugram– JK Business School that encourages active participation from students and teachers. While most of the colleges keep their focus on just the development of students, at JK Business School, the faculty members are also made to undergo training courses for their expansion.

Recently Interactive Event for Faculty-
Most recently, JK Business School organized one such event called Faculty Development Programme 2017 which took place from 23rd to 27th May, 2017 wherein eminent personalities were invited to deliver lectures and presentations on Higher Education Faculty Career Orientation & Advancement.

Interactive sessions, speeches and guidelines by them were a part of the schedule. Apart from Deep Prajval ceremony, session on Writing of Research/Review papers for Conferences / Journals and Writing of short articles / chapters/books, on Skills for Effective Teaching and Excellence in Higher Education, on Inculcating new knowledge in the course, on Effective Learning & Teaching and so much more was delivered in the 5 day event.
Our Esteemed Guests-
Our guests including Mr. Vishal Sehgal, Founder, Nischay Educorp Pvt. Ltd.; Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Gupta, Mentor, CEGR and Vice Chancellor, Sharda University; Prof. (Dr.) A. P. Mittal, Member Secretary, AICTE; Dr. Sanjiv Marwah Director JK Business School); Prof. (Dr.) R. K. Khandal, Former Vice Chancellor, Uttar Pradesh Technical University; Mr. Ravish Roshan (Executive Director- CEGR); Mr. Sandeep Marwah, Chairman, AAFT and Marwah Studio; Prof. (Dr.) M. P. Poonia, Vice Chairman; Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, President, CEGR and Director, AICTE made the event more interactive with their wisdom and knowledge. They reflected their opinions and suggested the changes that need to be brought in the education system, also motivating to inculcate new knowledge in the course.

Overall, the event was a grand success that ended on a great educational, motivational and developmental note for our faculty members at the best college of Delhi– JK Business School!

What are the various committees at JK Business School

Co-curricular activities are as important for the growth of a student as is education. It helps in shaping the overall personality of a student. Thus, the top MBA College in Gurugram not only provides the best of education for students but also gives them a chance to participate in various activities to help them to develop talent and explore new passion for them. These activities improve the capability to work as a team and raising their level of self-confidence in interacting with fellow students and peers.

JK Business SchoolThere are various students’ club and committee activities which are established for the benefits of students. They are in fact graded on the basis of extra curriculum activities and marked under PDE. The students can participate in different activities and Convocations, Seminars, EDPs/MDPs, PGP Committee activities, sports activities organized by mentors of committee. These activities help students to explore their hidden talent and teach them how to work on common goal.

Cultural Committee-
Cultural events such as celebration of Inaugural day, foundation day, teachers day, and freshers day etc are a part of every college. But the difference lies in the way of conducting it. We at JKBS have a separate cultural committee of students that manages and conducts the entire event themselves.

Academic and Literacy committee-
This committee arranges variety of debates, seminars and colloquium for the students to develop their overall personality and educational knowledge under the guidance of experts.

Sports Committee-
They coordinate various sports events for the physical and mental welfare of students. Matches for chess, badminton, basketball, football and table-tennis are conducted at the college on a regular basis by the committee.

Library committee-
This committee mentors have various responsibility related to library and its issues. They suggest different ways to improve the conditions and technology in the library for the benefits of students as well as for faculty.

News letter committee-
This committee deals with the letters that are circulated among different corporate houses and business schools. They are also in charge of quarterly newsletters.

Knowledge Center at JK Business School

A college library is a student’s lifeline and a hub of campus life. It is that place that expands your learning experience, helps you conduct your research, prepare for exams, gain extra information and enhance your knowledge. Books are indeed the best friends in a student’s life. They give an insight of things and shape their life in the right direction.

At the best college in Gurugram, we can gladly say that there are abundant resources and study material present to help our students maximize their learning capacity. Our well equipped and furnished library holds a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include books, journals, audio-visual materials, CDs, e-journals, case studies, etc.

best Business School of DelhiAs Stephen King has rightly pointed:

                                              “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

It is indeed the place where our students can unveil the magic of learning and. Listed below are the resources available with us at the best Business School of Delhi

Resources, books and journals- Be it technical knowledge that you seek or just fond of reading about general stuff, JK Business School has books on various subjects from distinguished and prolific writers. In fact, there is vast research material present to help you with your own research work and projects.

Other resources- CDs, newspaper clippings, research articles, project reports, Govt. reports etc. are encompassed in that magical area of our college. All these resources are fetched from various sources to support the academic program of every student studying in the Institute.

Electronic Library- Our e-Library is built to provide our students a world class online library system. It provides a single window access to all the subscribed electronic devices in the library. Moreover, Emerald Full text Library Networking JK Business School Library has facility of resource sharing with other Libraries through Ebsco.

J Gate- It is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature. It has massive database of journal literature written by prominent writers. JKBS has subscribed to this wonderful channel in order to provide our students the best material there is to help them become bigger and better.

So, get going you all and make the most of these resources available at the top business school in Gurugram!

Summer Internship Programme 2017

As easy as it may seem to climb the stairs of success but every step requires hard work and perspiration that unlocks the road ahead. There are even times when the key remains in veil but then, if we look closely and keep persevering, we discover yet another path.

JK Business School is a platform that guides its students and gives them a torch to guide their steps in the right direction. The top B School in Gurugram provides its students an opportunity to explore the world through its Summer Internship Programme 2017. The program commenced on May 1st and it will continue till June 30th, 2017.

summer internship post final 18052017

While we give you this prospect to excel in your area, there are certain things that you must take care of before and after getting for the internship-

First and foremost is to grab complete information about the company you’re interning with. The profile should match your requirements so that it counts and enhances your scope in the relevant field for future. Never take your internship as a casual affair as this is the place from where you’ll begin your career. Once you start working, always be on time at work. Never hesitate to raise your doubts since this is how you will learn and grow. Also, don’t take criticism in a negative manner because that is indeed the best opportunity to learn. In fact, avoid being a part of the gossips as it is neither professional nor appropriate.

Apart from submitting the work on time, you must also present weekly reports on a regular basis. Voice your ideas and accept the challenges that tag along in your work. Always try to keep the work as simplified as you can. Be in touch with your internship guide and set up meetings with him on a regular basis. Getting feedback from him will help you to break the shell you’re in.

This internship is the thing that’s going to provide you the real business exposure. So, make sure you’re exploring, expanding and exercising on the opportunity given by the top business school in NCR.