Master the Art of Constructive Criticism to be better Managers

In order to witness the organizational as well as professional growth, it is important that constructive criticism is given to the team members that help them improve how to navigate certain difficulties and perform better in similar situations that may arise in future. However, there is an art of delivering constructive criticism that every Manager must learn to help his team at its best. Some of the areas that should be considered by Managers are-
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1. Criticize in person-
It is important that you have one-to-one interaction with the concerned team member. In this world of digitalization, it may get difficult for you to make it possible but this is important as it constitutes a part of training and development for your team.

2. Thorough analysis before criticizing-
Criticism feels bad in whatever sense it comes. Managers understand the responsibilities of every individual; however, there can be times when you can get confused with certain duties. Thus, always ensure and double-check that it is the concerned person who is being criticized and not somebody who is not guilty of the situation.

3. Don’t beat around the bush-
By burying down the criticism under the sheets of praise, the team member can get confused or misled. The professional way is to explicitly tell them where they went wrong and what should’ve been their course of action in the given case. Also, such type of constructive criticism avoids any kind of vagueness and thus, reducing the chances of mistakes at later stages.

4. Discussions-
With the means of discussion, you can allow the flow of ideas and understand exactly what and why they took certain decisions. Asking questions helps you to better understand as well as the team members get to brainstorm other solutions that they could’ve chosen.

5. Focus on the most critical issue-
By digging down to minor problems of the past, you may miss out on the existing and most critical one. Stay focused to only one and the most critical issue of all, which will help you streamline the subject and get better inputs from the team without creating any confusion for them.

These are some of the key factors associated with constructive criticism that needs to be considered to showcase better management skills. At the top business school of Gurugram, the students learn and practice at an early stage so that it gets deep-rooted in them and put to use in their professional career.

4 Qualities Your Dream Business School Should Have

If your questions pertaining “Why PGDM?” have resolved, then it is time for you to move on to the next step of planning about which colleges do you want to enroll for. However, before stepping up for that make sure you prepare a list that clearly guides you about your expectations from the best business schools.
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This will help you in short listing the best of the colleges as per your requirements as well as it will also avoid the confusion and bluffs that many students fall prey to. Moreover, if pursued with proper planning, it will save your time for better research.

We suggest every student must at least look up for these qualities in the dream business school of your choice-

Most of your learning is based on the resources you gather and faculty members under whose guidance you can outshine in every domain. Thus, ensuring that the faculty is driven by enthusiasm to create that spark flowing among students is crucial. Therefore, this factor must be kept into consideration at all times.

Industrial Interface-
It is important that the college that you’ve applied for gives you exposure to the industrial interface. Why- as many of you may ask? The reason behind this is that if your college has good tie-ups, you’ll be exposed to the practical working schema of the industries. Thus, enhancing your skills and giving wings to your theoretical knowledge.

Training/ internships-
Practical learning forms an important part of your whole grooming process. Most of the colleges require their students to enroll for some internship in their after-college hours. Getting into such an institution that pushes your practical skills forward can prove fruitful in many ways.

This is one common thing that is in every student’s bucket list. After all, good paychecks are an incredible source of motivation to push ourselves forward. So, always take a good look at the overall placement figures as well as in individual department. Also, check out the details of the companies that approached for on-campus placements for a better idea.

JK Business School is amongst the best business school of Gurugram that has all these qualities in it. We encourage our students to brush their skills, grow in terms of practical as well as theoretical knowledge and be the best among the rest!

The Benefits of Alumni Networks

A PGDM is a very valuable course that opens up your mind and prepares you for the upcoming challenges in business. Apart from the development of skills and knowledge for better growth perspectives, what PGDM gives you is the Alumni network.
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This network helps you in all the aspects of your growth from before, during and after joining the business school-

Before joining the PGDM program-
1. By seeking the guidance of alumni from various schools, you can know whether PGDM is for you or not.
2. You can also ask about the top colleges that you must apply for.
3. During the admissions, you can also take advice from the current students as well as alumni about the admission process.
4. An intense program like PGDM may require you to seek advice from alumni or even current students about how to begin with it. By maintaining contact, you may even get guidance throughout your learning experience.

During PGDM program-
1. The alumni who are already exposed to various company environments can help you to make better career choices.
2. During course selection, it is no harm to take advice from your seniors or their networks in deciding the growing electives, extracurricular activities, optional subjects or other opportunities that the school has to offer.
3. Advice regarding the submission of the applications for off-campus recruitment.

After PGDM program-
1. The relations so formed during the program prove fruitful after the completion of the program, in procuring information regarding enhancing the career prospects.
2. The like-minded people in this network often form a start-up business with their unique ideas.
3. Even if individual plans to start a business after PGDM, one can take guidance about the latest trends or even the changes that he must make in his ideas to become the best among the rest.
4. Through the network of networks, you may be able to expand and build you relations coming from various schools or departments.

From seeking admissions in the Top Business School of Gurugram to becoming a businessman, it is the network that proves beneficial in all the aspects of your learning to working system. Therefore, one must never lack in forming networks in order to avail best opportunity in every segment of life.

Celebrating Teachers’ Day with JK Business School

On this day that is dedicated to all the Teachers, JK Business School gives heartfelt wishes to all the Teachers out there. You are the guiding pillar of a student’s life. Besides parents, it is the teacher that works rigorously to polish a student, understand his needs and work towards his progress with pride. Teachers’ Day


Teacher’s Day is a celebration to pay our tribute for their contribution to the society. It is because of their hard-work that students’ lives get touched. In the true sense, we can say that they are the builders of the Nation.

But you must be wondering how and why Teachers’ Day is observed on September 5th.

It was in 1962 that the birthday of former President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was first observed as Teachers’ Day on 5th September. Besides being the President, the Vice President and Indian envoy to the Soviet Union, he was also a philosopher and a teacher.

Teachers are incredibly important to society in many ways and even though, we are thankful to them throughout the year, it is indeed great to have a day dedicated to them. The celebration boosts their morale and also gives the students’ an opportunity to present their gratefulness to them.

Playing a critical role in learning and development, they are the ones under the guidance of whom many lives get shaped and transformed. Appreciating their hard work today and forever, we at the top business school of Gurugram wish every teacher a very happy and blissful Teachers’ Day. Thanks for all your contribution. We wouldn’t be what we are without your support, guidance and motivation.

What do companies expect from MBA graduates?

Every recruiter that comes to hire employees for their company always has certain expectations in mind from students. Apart from the domain knowledge for which they are hiring, there are other key skill sets required for the development of the company that are particularly expected from MBA students.MBA Graduate

Be it any company, the primary things that a recruiter looks forward in interviewee are-

Leadership skills-
One of the primary skills that an MBA Graduate must possess is the ability to lead the team. A good leader will always keep the employees around him highly motivated and make them feel valued apart from facilitating the functional roles by the subordinates.

Interpersonal skills-
Communication is vital in every industry and every department. To maintain the flow of communication between the employees as well as the clients, good interpersonal skills are required. This also helps to avoid miscommunication between people for a smooth working process.

You are expected to adapt your environment as per the market trends and mould your strategies for better outputs. Along with formulation of strategies, you will also be required to sharpen and broaden your skill set according to the prevailing scenario.

Analytical mindset-
Being an MBA graduate, you will be given an important position in the company for which you will have to look at the issues at hand and come out with the best decisions. An emotionally weak person is incapable of making tough decisions at the need of the hour. Thus, organizations are always in search for people with an analytical mindset so that they understand the practicality of a situation and take a sound step with vigilance.

Time management skills-
As it’s said that time is money, therefore, maintaining a balance throughout several task is important. Of course, there will be times when you will be occupied with top priority work- it is then your time management skills will be put to test. Some employees often get baffled seeing hefty work, which incapacitates the effectiveness at large and may even result in harming the company’s reputation. So, to prevent this, recruiters always ensure their employees possess time management skills.

The students at the best business school of Gurugram are given training to learn and adapt these skill sets so that they get the opportunity of working with the best companies.

What should you expect from a Business School?

Students often ponder over the reasons why they should take up such a course that teaches them about Business when it is a thing to be learn practically. The questions keep on fiddling with our minds but less do we know that Business School in reality does open up our minds to new horizons.

To clarify the questions that keep erupting in your mind, here are a few reason why a student must look forward to a Business School
Business Education-
Covering a range of core courses such as accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing- the first year of MBA courses are usually worked up on to improve your key understanding on business disciplines. It is after the selection of specialization that you start working on the selected stream.

Hands on experience-
Getting accustomed to dealing with typical scenarios is one of those things that come from practical learning. Through various case studies and hypothetical situations that you are put into by Business Schools shapes your understanding to become better leaders. In fact, you may also be asked to take up internships during breaks or non-school hours to polish your practical skills even more.

New Ideas-
Yes, it is indeed true that when you are surrounded with people of different opinions, you tend to explore your interests even more. And with the aid of your teachers and colleagues, you can form new plans and ideas and ask their suggestions to have a better and corrected business plan.

Embracing the change-
We don’t really grow up until we face tough competition. The top Business Schools give you an opportunity to pave a way with hard and smart work, to embrace the changes that are around and mould your strategy of working as per the situations.

Thus, we can say that the Top B School of Gurugram helps you to become better entrepreneurs with an understanding of the business tactics and an open mind that is required to enter the market with firm foot and confidence.

How JK Business School helps in creating the best workplace?

A workplace is said to be a physical location where someone works for his or her living, i.e. a place of employment. Creating a welcoming environment, giving the employees opportunities to discover creative ways, maintaining proper flow of information and transparency in work, managing social responsibilities etc- all of it contributes to creating a workplace.
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The journey to success begins from creating a work space where employees enjoy working and gain constant motivation to work harder each day. To get the best results of the employees, it is vital to respect and understand their requirements but this is not it.

Every entrepreneur must do these below mentioned things to ensure a harmonious and enjoyable workplace for its employees-

•  Maintaining transparency in work
•  Respecting the individuality of every employee
•  Embracing the employees’ strength and providing opportunities to help them grow
•  Clear rules for everyone
•  Investing in the strengths of its employees
•  Awareness about dominant currents including dress code, traditions, work habits etc.
•  Clear incentive systems and career path
•  Maintaining organizational orderliness
•  Encouraging creative interaction between employees
•  Making them understand the importance of daily work.
•  Flow of honest information within the company on need-to-know basis
•  Focusing on employee development
•  Recognition of the work done by them

At the Top B School of Gurugram, JK Business School, we ensure that our students, the future leading entrepreneurs, understand what and how they have to provide the best workplace on Earth in order to help their employees to explore their potential and work in a harmonious environment.

How To Select A Business School Without Visiting Its Campus

Selecting the Best B School is one of the most crucial decisions that one needs to take in their lifetime. And the agony adds when you’re unable to visit the campus, which is a factor often on the top of our list.
Here’s what to do when you can’t visit the campus of Best Business School of Gurugram

Follow the school on Social Media-
These days most of the business schools have their updated profile on various Social Media platforms where they keep on posting about the schools such as upcoming or recently held events, functions etc. You can gain a lot of information from such pages.

Review its website-
Website has most of the information about the school. It is almost like taking a virtual tour of the college through their eyes in the form a website. Even in the case when you can visit the campus, make sure that you still go through the website and put up questions during the visit in case of any doubt.

Read relevant blogs by students-
Blogs provide in-depth details about the college especially those written by the students. You can generally find out about their experiences on the campus and can also get in touch with them to know more about the studies, placement opportunities etc.

Get in touch through phone-
You can also get some of your queries answered on call and get details related to courses, admissions etc from them. Moreover, there are various cells in colleges which you can contact to grab the relevant information. So, when in confusion, call or mail them to get the clarity.

Even if you’re unable to visit the campus, don’t panic. With all the ways listed above, we’re sure you’ll only end up with the top business school in Gurugram or elsewhere.

Paving path to your success with Best B Schools

Success in any stream requires dedicated and persistent efforts. From student’s willingness to hard work followed by encouragement from peers including family members, teachers, friends and everyone else associated with him, it is this joint effort that shapes up an individual’s personality. Along with this, the thing that enhances the scope and paves a way to the students’ success is the contribution in terms of facilities, exposure etc given by the college in polishing his capabilities.








Let’s see how the Best B School of Gurugram adds its contribution-

Best faculty- In College, most of the interpersonal interaction of students is with faculty which clearly has a great influence over a student’s personality and understanding. JK Business School has the top faculty with expert domain knowledge that they constantly share with their students to broaden their horizon of success.

Infrastructure- Constituting the top facilities at our college like library & information center, computer center, lecture halls, sports facilities, medical facilities etc. We have made everything easily accessible for students so that they can utilize the study material at any point of time.

Wi-Fi Campus- Research forms one of the most crucial parts of our study pattern at the top B-School of Gurugram, which along with the physical learning material also provides the Wi-Fi campus so that they don’t face hurdles in gathering the information required for research work.

Extracurricular activities- Like it’s said all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so to keep the creative current flowing in our students, we conduct fun interactive sessions post the lecture hours comprising Quiz Contest, Drama competition, Singing Competition, Talent show Extempore Speech Competition etc.

All in all, we can say that the best business school of Gurugram provides you all the amenities that one needs to grow his overall personality in order to achieve the success goals like a pro!