Programmes available with Best business school in Gurugram

Gurugram’s top college JK Business School provides its best of courses to the students through which they can learn and implement their knowledge in the practical world. Our teaching aids are designed focusing on the realistic cases for students. Debates and discussion are a part of their curriculum which encourages the habit of thorough research and analysis for everything.IMG_0231

Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) – It is a full time three year dual specialization course approved by AICTE. Human Resources, Managerial Accounting, Financial Management, MIS, Marketing, Economics, Communication etc are the various subjects of one of has to be selected by students which marks their specialization in that particular subject. Soft skills modules, hard skills modules and international modules in Sumer Academic Semester Term with California State University (USA) are some of the additional training courses provided by Delhi’s top college for overall development of students.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – Affiliated to MDU, Rohtak; this is 3 year full time course focusing on developing student’s managerial skills. Practical and experimental learning is emphasized here to promote academic as well as professional learning. The admissions at best business school of Delhi are given on the basis of merit at 10+2 with minimum 50% in any stream from CBSE/Board of School Education, Haryana/or other recognized board/or its equivalent.

B.Com Hons. – This degree is also affiliated to MDU, Rohtak offering 3 years full time course to teach students about the Commerce stream. As BBA, the eligibility criterion remains similar for admissions. Selections are done after proper screening on the basis of class 12th results followed by personal interview.

BA Eco Hons. – The curriculum for this stream is prepared keeping in mind Indian as well as global economic environment. As mentioned earlier, we follow the same procedure of selecting the students for the course. This degree, however, encourages student to learn and understand the economic environment of the country and its working system.

Placement opportunities at Gurugram’s best Business School- JK Business School

JK Business School is one of the top MBA colleges of Delhi which follows high valued learning process through vigorous practical applications and balance. Our students undergo such a training that moulds their strategies of commencing and handling the projects.IMG_1115Such an understanding gives our students a cutting edge over others which attract both domestic as well as international companies. 100% placement opportunities are provided by JK Business School and invite its students to voraciously come forward to apply for their dream jobs at the campus itself.

Campus Placements- Every student looks forward to achieving their goal of working with the reputable companies. JK Business School makes sure that they get such exposure for which we also conduct campus placements opportunities where in companies of different sectors come to recruit the students.

Career Counseling- Our Corporate Resource Team conducts career counseling activities in which students are given guidance related to their career and the concerns associated with their stream are also addressed giving them the clarity to persuade further.IMG_1568

Great career opportunities- Getting recruited by topmost MNC’s is every student’s dream. We help you shape your future by inviting the companies for recruitment set up all across the globe. Vast opportunities lie ahead of our students to fulfill their dreams of a bright future and successful endeavors.

Job opportunities in various streams- Multiple opportunities knock at your door in various streams such as Marketing, HR, Finance, International Business, Operations Management and more. Students from various branches can match their portfolios with the requirements of the company and apply for the same.

Exposure for students in the best B-school of Gurugram

Education plays a key role in shaping a person’s intellectual, personal as well as professional aspects. The basis of education is not solely dependent upon the kind of books they read but the factors are also determined by the exposure they get and technological advancements they get acquainted with so that they can build a league of their own with the perspective they gain through learning and improvising.

Besides educational facilities, listed below are the additional opportunities available for our students at JK Business School

Foreign Collaboration- Such opportunities allow students to get worldwide exposure that builds their confidence and expands their area of expertise. These features allow students to show up their talents on international level as well.IMG_8564
Programmes such as the Banyan Tree- This programme inculcates and nurtures the students in a lot of ways. Wilderness experience, stand up and talk, group discussions and mock interview are some of the activities associated with it.

Beyond Academics- Industry Academia Meet, the JKBS cultural fest, the Alumni Meet, Fresher’s meet, National Business Games, Industrial Tour, Social Services and so much more gives the students an opportunity to actively participate and groom themselves.

Mentor Programme- Student-faculty interaction outside the classroom is an essential recreational activity to build understanding and connection between mentor and disciple. It serves the academic, emotional and career needs for students who sometimes find it difficult to manage otherwise. Such activities are indispensable and work as a guiding pillar in the lives of students.

What Points Mark Out Excellence at Best MBA College Gurugram?

This question may be asked again and again and many times over. What is the best MBA College Gurgram and why? There are always ready answers that show the pinnacle of academic excellence not only in the country but also in Asia firmly rooted in the top MBA College in Gurgaon. There are many reasons that make this revered institution gain an even brighter halloo of respect and admiration from among the top business and management educational institutes in the country.

These are some of the additional efforts done and undertaken at the Best MBA College Gurgaon that add extra praise and glory to it’s already praiseworthy status in excellence of business ad n management education.


Strong Faculty Base Comprising both Core & Visiting; with reputed names and experts on the critical subject matter in business and management raining from leading global business schools it makes mark of success an inevitable and welcome achievement.  Faculty comprises names from the top IIMs and IIT institutes of the country to global names in business and management education.

 Industry-Institute-Interface Important Ingredient in the Training Process; when future business and management leaders are fully equipped and capable of responding to challenges in the emerging markets there is no doubt that they are on top of situations as they emerge. This widens their skill sets and makes a step ahead of their peers.

Wealth of Expertise and Educational Facilities; when it comes to business and management education there are perhaps few pioneering institutes that render the ultimate training with a view to impact the future with visionary business and management leaders with competent skills for an enhanced transformation of the future i.e. new knowledge, skills, attitudes, mindsets and values.

Find the most highly rated and admired business school teaching experts and acquire a range of other vital skill sets at the best MBA College Gurgaon through JK Business School.

Things that Faculty and Students Delight in at Best MBA College in NCR

For the students and faculty joining the Best MBA College in NCR there has always been an air of pride, and privilege being in the most special of B schools not only on the country but also in Asia. Where students can access and enjoy in the best learning and growth environment that equips and moulds while pursuing their goals and academic interests. And faculty is actually inspired to teach to their fullest potential and gain valuable knowledge in the process. Perhaps the reasons aren’t that hard to imagine or surmise given the titanic reputation and name that the top MBA College in Delhi garners whenever mentioned with regard to professional and academic business and management leadership training.   1

Library and Information Center; at the top MBA College in Delhi, the knowledge resource center is a amazing place fully equipped for all the research needs of the students as well for faculty to check out the veracity of research. It supports wide ranging research and reference in electronic and print collections.

Computer Center; for the MBA College in Delhi being at the forefront of path breaking IT technologies helps students access information seamlessly with wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi. It makes learning an ever interesting experience.


Lecture Halls; in most B schools lectures halls have their own unique identity and special place. That is why at Best B School in Delhi lecture halls have significant and unique modern facilities like audio video systems. They are especially designed to hold several academic activities like interactive sessions, workshops, seminars, leadership exercises, management games, mock interviews, meetings and role-plays among others.

There are several other facilities that add great feel for students like the auditoriums, cafeteria, hostels (separate for boys and girls), sports and medical facilities.

Enjoy the best facilities as you discover and access high grade business and management education at the best MBA College in Delhi through JK Business School.

3 Reasons to Build Best Career at Top MBA College in Gurugram

It is always mentioned that the career and the nature of pursuit for it in terms of best training and education go a long way in making him / her successful in life and profession. That means it all starts with identifying the right college and course to help you realize this dream or make this dream come. At the Top B Schools in Gurugram, excellence and passion to excel are like second nature in the pursuit of academics and underline the goal of the best Business School in Gurugram i.e. academic and professional excellence at the highest level.

Credible Things that Mark Out Students Opting for Best MBA College in Gurugram

There are always unique inspirations and drives that mark out the top MBA College in Gurugram. These are some basic yet fundamental things that drive the hunger and passion for excellence.

Incredible Learning and Mentoring Environment; studies in most professional institutions revolve around study and lectures as opposed to the complete wholesome package of learning and mentoring that helps build unique and fully equipped future business and management leaders with a different sects of mind to know their territory or area of expertise well.
IIMs/IITs Faculty with Wide Industry Exposure; having well qualified faculty is one thing but having faculty with a grip on the pulse of industry is another and that what makes top MBA Colleges in Gurugram uniquely qualified and positioned to impact the next generation of important leaders groomed for excellence and for the pinnacle of distinct success at various national and international platforms.

Equip Future Managers Able to Respond to Challenges in Emerging Markets; at the top B Schools in Gurugram there is relentless training excellence for managers and business leaders prepared for any challenge / difficulty pertaining to new markets with inherent challenges.
Get to the peak of your dreams and beyond as you explore the possibilities of professional and career advances with the Best Business School in Gurugram through JK Business School.

The skill set you acquire after studying at the top B school in Delhi

The basic motive for a student to join any B school is to acquire the capabilities and shape the passion to be able to lead and grow. The top MBA College in Delhi makes sure that its students are subjected to a proper learning environment so that they can apply those key skills in practical life.
So, let’s take a look at some of those-

Practical application; Coming into terms with practical learning and applying the same in the best way when the time comes is what’s important. The top B school in Delhi thus focuses on the fact that its students are acquiring this to the best of their capabilities.

Leadership qualities; It’s important to possess the quality to lead teams efficiently and for this we conduct such activities that promote the leadership qualities in our students enabling them to manage large teams while also maintaining the productivity of the business.

Entrepreneurial skills; The best B school in Delhi lets you grow and possess the entrepreneurial skills that need to be applied when students have to conduct themselves in their respective business or jobs.

Strengthen foreign base; Extending their learning to borders for exposure is the key motive. The edifying foreign collaboration boosts their knowledge thereby building and redefining their area of expertise.

Team building; Encouraging and keeping the team intact is a crucial job for a leader. It’s important for him to maintain harmony in the working environment and bring out the best from everyone in the team.  Thus, focusing on this and other aspects as well, we make sure that our students aptly face the practical world when the time comes!

How Top MBA College in Gurugram Makes Future Business Leaders?

For students coming to the best business school in Gurugram there is always a turning point feeling of being on the verge of accomplishment that makes them aim higher and for better standards. This is because inherent in the traditions of top MBA Colleges in Gurugram is making a difference while pursuing prominent academic courses in unique ways too.
Help Students Develop Character and Enthusiasm; it is obvious learning must be filled with fun to make or attract interest in potential students. That is why at the best MBA College in Gurugram, it is an aspiration to enthuse students to several learning viewpoints while on the path of academic pursuit so as to have a heritage and wealth of constructive knowledge through exposure.

Management Centric Learning and knowledge Dispensation; for students at the top MBA Colleges in Gurugram there is a strong and realistic focus on the market trends that help devise the precise learning mechanism for courses like PGDM and MBA for effective and employment ready managers and business professionals.

Dynamic Teaching Pedagogy to Inspire Holistic Learning Experience; students at this premier B school discover that learning is dotted with case studies which offer practical ways of making academic points, reflecting reality of managerial decision-making in the corporate world. Moreover, they equip students with vital interpersonal and communication skills through practical articulation, constructive arguments and defending several perspectives.

Inspire Entrepreneurship Pursuit and Spirit; for the top B Schools in Gurugram making entrepreneurs is producing more of jib makers than job seekers. For instance at present startups offer both challenges and skill acquisition opportunities and thereby transform with achieving networks and exposure through experience.

Discover the passion that opens up the world of premier business and management education through best Business School in Gurugram at JK Business School.

Practical Parameters for Ranking at Best MBA College in Delhi

All colleges of repute always strive to create the right and positive image that reflects their values and expertise especially when it comes to drawing new admissions. However, there basic parameters that define and help rank the most revered and respected institutions in India.
Consultancy Project Details; through the top MBA College in Delhi there is potential and possibility to enhance knowledge through consultancy and collaboration. This pushes the extents of basic learning and knowledge acquisition.

Entrepreneurship; learning in an environment fully evolved to suit the practical needs and challenges of modern businesses and management adds important and vital skills. Therefore, knowing more on the challenges of entrepreneurs face and ways to overcome them builds resolute business professionals.

Executive Development Program; even for working professionals seeking to improve their skills and gaining knowledge of the latest industry skills makes for a great chance to reconnect with professional ethics and new management dogmas.

Higher Studies; for the Best B School in Delhi there are many streams to equip students with cutting edge study tools and aids in a wholesome study environment. The higher studies must meet and even exceed the basic curriculum standards issued by the regulatory agencies in the field of business and management study pursuit.

Placement; what all students seek out is assurance that after their courses and programs there are great opportunities for employments sin the best MNC and companies both nationally or internationally.

Sponsored Research Details; at the best MBA College in NCR there is a push to understand and know the limits and extents of research in all fields pertinent to professional business and management. That is why; it is crucial to learn the basic and fundamental principles taken to further research centered learning.

Discover why the best B School in Delhi is ranked among India’s top 50 business and management schools and pursue best career and future defining courses through JK Business School.

Study in Confidence and Excellence with Top MBA College in Delhi

These days, there seems to be an unending competition among the academic institutions to grab the attention as well as accolades that come with being crowned the most respected business and management institution. However, at the MBA College in Delhi the aspiration is more of excellence than garnering titles and trophies and for good reasons. For the saying goes ‘facts speak for themselves’ and so with the best B School in Delhi some elements and facts standout and speak a whole new impression of what it is to pursue a business and management career course.
These points and facts are multi dimensional and for keen followers and readers of the latest updates and improvements at the best MBA College in Delhi they are pragmatic pronunciations. They include among other prominent ones;

-JKBS Director Receives Academic Leader of the Year – 2016:- When academic leaders and faculty are recognized for their path breaking and record setting performances in the field of education, leadership and other pertinent fields to learning there is an obvious overflow the same expertise in the education space and arena they head.

-Leading Business School of the year at ASIA Education Leadership Summit 2016:- Stepping out of the national recognition brings international credit so vital while placed or working for global MNCs. This means studying and qualifying from reputed institution.

-Best B –School in Placement (March 2016) by CEGR:- When the placement chances multiply better career opportunities open up. And with industry acknowledgement comes credibility and reputation of a higher status placement.

-Asia’s Top Industry Anchored Business School by ASSOCHAM (Dec 2016):- Best MBA College in Delhi is not only about creating new leaders but also having resonance and connect with industry needs and realities.

Step up to the best business and management study and career pursuit environment with the best MBA College in NCR and unlock the inert and hidden potential within at JK Business School. Maximize your dream realization prospects only with the best at JK Business School.